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Fraude Internet

A medida que Internet se vuelve cada vez más estrechamente conectado con el mundo real, el Fraude Internet / Riesgo Cyber están experimentando cambios fundamentales. El uso de nuestro 'Bits y Bytes' de nuestros ordenadores, tabletas y teléfonos inteligentes que estamos utilizando para nuestros negocios y la vida personal están aumentando enormemente. El tráfico de datos se ha incrementado en los últimos años con el 60%, las aplicaciones móviles y especialmente las aplicaciones de vídeo móvil son el mayor consumidor.

Fraude Internet

La tecnología y las aplicaciones están en constante desarrollo y el riesgo de Fraude Internet / Riesgo Cyber están aumentando en todo el mundo tremendamente. En el momento en que usted o su empresa es víctima de este fraude/crime crea directamente grandes problemas. Póngase en contacto con su compañía de seguros y pregunte por la política de 'Fraude Internet'.

Fraude Internet - Sólo para protegerse contra el Fraude Internet / Cyber Crime!

Fraude Internet

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fraude internet

"Internet Fraud / Cyber Crime News"

The danger lurks in the electronic mailbox. Now there are new numbers, which are an explosive increase of cyber attacks by e-mails with malicious software. According to the current situation report of the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI), around 380,000 new variants of malicious programs were discovered every day. The number of spam messages with malicious software in the appendix rose by 1270 percent in the first half of 2016 compared to the previous year. At the same time, traditional classical defenses have lost their effectiveness. The spam activities had increased by about 73 percent.

Increasing digitization and networking offer attackers nearly every day new areas of attack and a wide range of possibilities to sabotage information, sabotage business and administrative processes, or otherwise criminalize others at the expense of others. Malicious software or programs cause unwanted or harmful actions on computers. According to the report, spams with such programs were sent mainly from developing and emerging countries such as India, Vietnam and Mexico.

In the meantime, attackers had powerful and flexible attacking tools and methods. The focus of the attacks would be on companies as well as critical infrastructures, including water and energy supply. Administration, research facilities and citizens are also affected. The enormous increase is mainly due to the proliferation of so-called ransomware, where computers are blocked or data are encrypted - usually to extort ransom.

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